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Selling Rhode Island

Taylor Davidson


The charm of her native ‘ocean state’ has repeatedly drawn Taylor to return from journeys abroad, cultivating an innate appreciation for this little corner of the globe. Ironically, she believes our country’s smallest state has the most to offer, and her reasoning is well-founded.

Taylor’s dual-degree in psychology and her later shift toward marketing and design have equipped her with a multi-faceted approach to help each client achieve their mission. Having formerly owned and managed a home staging company, she has built a foundational understanding of preparing properties for top dollar return.

Taylor refuses to settle for anything that doesn't ignite her commitment to growth. Her enthusiasm for helping others has always been second-nature, providing her clients with unmatched devotion. She makes every effort to listen, learn and execute carefully-crafted strategies and earns the respect of her clients by working tirelessly on their behalf. Their excitement and satisfaction are her true reward, every single time.


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