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Selling Rhode Island

Marianne Radke


To call the Ocean State home is a privilege. Knowing all that there is to offer, from its beaches and quaint towns, its restaurants, nightlife, and a strong sense of community throughout, it's truly hard to go anywhere without running into someone I know. Graduating from UMass Amherst, I have been afforded the ability to move within a variety of careers, with the longest as an educator and foremost a licensed real estate agent. Through it all, building strong relationships has been at the heart of what I do.

Since moving here, I have made a home and started a family of my own, stayed busy with volunteering at my daughters’ school, co-leading their girl scouts' troops, hiking or running in local races when I can, and learning what it really means to be a “regular” at that local coffee shop, pub, or library. This strong connection to people allows me to navigate the real estate markets of Rhode Island. I would love to help you on your journey to finding your dream home, investment property, or with any and all of your real estate needs.


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