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Selling Rhode Island

Liz Shalvey


My career began in 1987 when I was licensed just after having my first of 3 children and I decided that I needed some flexibility in my career. I trained at a local brokerage in Coventry and was able to learn from some of the best Realtors in the industry! I am consistently honing and updating my skills with real estate classes and events, and also volunteering in my community with my other realtor friends and peers. I'm happy to say that a lot of my past clients have become some of my closest friends and that's what I love most about the business. People trust in me to help them make one of the biggest decisions in their lifetime... and in turn, I get to be a part of their lives (wedding, babies, graduations, etc) My new favorite part is also helping my past client's adult children buy and sell homes, along with other family members who are referred to me, for which I am forever grateful! I've never included this in my real estate bio before, but I do think it's relevant: Starting at a very young age, I have always enjoyed spending time and taking care of seniors. I am a licensed CNA because it's always been a passion of mine to 'take care' of people. It allows me to show my true compassion towards people in need and enhances my innate skills of treating people with utmost respect, extreme patience, and true kindness. This translates into utilizing all of my life learned skills in real estate because there is a huge demand with the senior population, to help them transition into assisted living, after selling their lifelong homes. I am happy to work with the families whose parents need my compassion and expertise in both professions.hobbies include any outdoor activity, playing and watching sports, golfing, softball, basketball, cycling, swimming, running...and I just completed my first marathon for St Jude's Children's hospital at 60! I'm currently training for my first Triathlon in June. My other passions include riding on the back of my boyfriend's Harley around this magnificent Ocean State when we're not golfing :) or puttering around the house...and spending time with my family, especially my 3 beautiful grand daughters!!!


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