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Selling Rhode Island

Nicole Carlino-Russo


Nicole Carlino is a fixture at Rhode Island Real Estate Services. One of the original founders of the company, she helped to grow the business, foster the close-knit culture, and expand from a single office to multiple offices throughout the state.

A 20-year industry veteran, Nicole fell in love with real estate following a successful career at a Fortune 500 financial company. Though her passion for finance remained steadfast, Nicole grew weary of the repetitive days and limited social interaction often parr for the course in a corporate environment. The dynamic nature of her role at RI Real Estate Services, and her ability to lead and manage others are what Nicole enjoys most about her management position.

In addition to being the COO and CFO for the company, Nicole actively maintains her Realtor license. Additionally, she serves as the Chair of the Kent Washington Grievance Committee, an organization responsible for reviewing complaints by both Realtors and the public and upholding the code of ethics within the industry.


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